A Taste Of Texas

A feast is waiting in the town of Tioga, Texas, with a population of 725. Tioga is the home of the singing cowboy Gene Autry and, some say, the best barbecue anywhere.

According to Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines, there's only one reason to go to Tioga: a mouth-watering meal at Clark's Outpost, where the brisket is slow cooked over hickory smoke for more than two days.

Peruse the Menu
A complete Clark's Outpost menu is available at MenusOnline. The restaurant will even ship a meal across the country in vacuum-packed, cold containers.

The restaurant is a 45-minute car drive from Dallas and there's at least a half-hour wait for a table if you get there late - and that's on a weekday.

Nancy Clark and her late husband started cooking here 27 years ago. And she takes it seriously. "This is our barbecue sauce," she says, pointing to a bottle of the homemade concoction. "We put it in beer bottles so we can keep it warm. Nothing worse than putting cold barbecue sauce on hot food."

If you visit the Outpost, you might want to save room for dessert. Mountainous slices of meringue pie fill up the hungriest cowboy. "We put 15 egg whites in each one of our pies. And it's as good as it looks," says Clark.

This tiny town in North Texas draws big crowds with big appetites.