A Mother's Love, Times 2, In Aruba

Natalee Holloway's grandma Ann Reynolds and mother Beth Twitty
Beth Twitty has received some much needed help this week in Aruba. Not another search team, but from one of the few people who can identify with her tireless search for a lost child: another mother. Her own.

Twitty's daughter, Alabama teen Natalee Holloway, has been missing almost three months after vanishing at the end of a graduation trip to the island.

"One thing is we're going to have to have an answer. We're gonna have to," Twitty says. "There's no way that I can just let it go with no answer. I've got to have something. I'm gonna have to."

Twitty's mother, Ann Reynolds, lives in Arkansas and, for the past few months, Twitty's televised public pleas were the only times Reynolds got to see her. Last week, Reynolds arrived in Aruba to be by her daughter's side.

They spoke with CBS News.

"It's been great having the support and for mom for being here," Twitty says.

Reynolds temporarily resumed her role as Twitty's caretaker.

"I just love her and just can't stand to see her suffer," Reynolds says.

Reynolds worries about things Twitty would like to, but just can't.

"Of course," says Reynolds, "I want everything to go, so she can go back home. Because she does have Matt back home, and that does sort of worry me. Matt's her son."

Reynolds is scheduled to return home Wednesday.

She's not sure when she'll see Twitty again, but she is sure to tell her daughter what Twitty only wishes she could tell Holloway: "I tell her I love her, and I'll be crying like a dog and just crying. I know I will be when I get on that plane, but she won't see me."

Meanwhile, the man who originally said he saw Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers by a hotel stuck to his story this week in court, Storm says. That's significant because it means the boys may not have been truthful about their whereabouts the night Holloway disappeared, which has been Twitty's contention all along.

Van der Sloot is the only suspect still in custody in connection to the Holloway case. The brothers were held for a time, then released.