A Better Swing With Golf Pilates?

Tens of thousands of people swear by Pilates as the best all-body workout there is. Now, some are saying it can even improve your golf game.

So The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler went to the famous The Breakers resort in Palm Beach, Fla., to find out how. She got help from fitness trainer Venessa D'Angelo.

The key to a successful golf swing is balance. And Pilates exercise teaches total body conditioning by integrating the entire body into all movement patterns, as optimal golf performance requires.

Here is a list of what Golf Pilates Cross Training is designed to do:

  • Restore muscle balance by lengthening the tight muscles
  • Strengthen the weak muscles
  • Enhance balance and stability
  • Increase strength and power

The following are the exercises Syler learned from D'Angelo. to see how the exercises are done.

Basic Pilates Move

"The Roll Up" –Similar to a sit-up, this is done with a focus on spinal articulation and upper back muscles (core engagement). This exercise helps stretching the muscles of the upper back

Golf Pilates Moves

  • The "Address Stance Squats" – It is a leg squat with greater focus on stability and the core of the body. It can be done on a Bosu Ball. It increases strength, balance, coordination, and reflexes.
  • "Single Leg Stance with Magic Circle" (holding golf club) – It is a single leg balance that activates core muscles, with particular emphasis on hamstrings and strength. It addresses hip disassociation, balance, stability, lower body endurance and strength.
  • "Spine Twist" - It can be done on a large Physio Ball, standing or seated. It increases flexibility of chest and shoulders, improves trunk rotation, and improves neuro-muscular system for twisting movements.

A Pilates program cannot achieve results in one session. And anyone with health conditions or orthopedic problems should consult a physician before beginning any type of Pilates program.

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