15-year-old Ga. boy confesses to fatally shooting friend, say police

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15-year-old Ga. boy confesses to fatal shooting of friend, say police
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(CBS) A 15-year-old Georgia boy confessed to fatally shooting his friend after an argument late Monday night, according to a report.

Clayton County officers say they found a 16-year-old girl with a fatal gunshot wound to the chest in a wooded area behind a home in Ellenwood, about 15 miles from Atlanta, reports The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

"There was some sort of argument that ensued and he ended up shooting the 16-year-old," Clayton police spokeswoman Tina Daniel told the paper.

After the boy admitted to shooting his friend, he reportedly led police to the firearm, which was recovered in a nearby creek.

The identities of the shooter and the victim are not being released until the investigation is complete, Daniel told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The 15-year-old has not been charged in the crime, but could be tried as an adult, said Daniel.

He remains in police custody.