9 homes fit for a fairy tale

  • Photo courtesy of Shelly FitzGerald Group

    Many children dream of stepping into fairy tales. When they become adults, those dreams inspire some of them to build their own fairy tale homes in the real world.

    And not all fairy tales take place in castles. In York, Pennsylvania, a shoe salesman built a boot-shaped abode that looks like it could be the home of the legendary Woman Who Lived in a Shoe. In Isla Mujeres, Mexico, sits a conch shell-shaped home that could easily suit the Little Mermaid.

    Some of the otherworldly properties on this list are even on the market: Want a home fit for Sleeping Beauty in Brooklyn, New York? It'll cost you $11 million. How about living like Cinderella in Prince Charming's castle? That's going for $45 million.

    Whether you dreamed of your own fairy tale cottage in the woods or a Lost Boys-style tree hideaway, click through to see nine homes that might make you believe in happily-ever-after.

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