15 stores with the best and worst return policies

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    By Michelle Smith/GOBankingRates

    The holiday shopping season is in full swing. As you're buying holiday gifts and checking off your shopping list, you should also keep in mind retailers' return policies. There's a good chance that something from your holiday shopping trips will get returned, since two-thirds (68.6 percent) of consumers indicated last year that they returned gifts most or some of the time, according to the National Retail Federation's Gift Receiving and Returning report. Fortunately, most retailers offer fair return policies -- or 90 percent of shoppers think so.

    However, some return policies definitely favor customers more than others, GOBankingRates found in its annual survey of retailers' return policies. Looking at return time limits, receipt policies and other terms, this survey ranked 31 major retailers' return policies from best to worst.

    Click ahead to see the stores that make returns a breeze -- and those with the worst return policies.

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