10 most expensive states to raise a family

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    Raising a family isn't cheap. In fact, the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that the average cost of raising a child is $245,340. But that number is just an average. For many Americans, raising a family will actually cost much more, especially if they live in a state where the cost of living and other expenses are high.

    In these states, family budgets are quickly eaten up by high costs of housing, food and child care, and many don't have high wages to help families offset high costs. Notably, many of these states also lack adequate family leave policies -- or have no parental leave laws at all -- which can quickly turn a new family addition, job loss or family member's health scare into a financial emergency.

    GOBankingRates looked at the major financial factors that affect families, including paid family leave, median state incomes, and housing and food costs, to rank all 50 states on their affordability for families.

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